Next Innovations Come From The Crowd

What is innovation? According to Oxford dictionary 1, innovation is defined as the action or process of “Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products”. That means the originality (novelty) is one of the most critical points of anything called innovation. In addition to novelty,...

Common used git command

##1. Check detail of remote “origin” master git remote -v ##2. Set new remote origin git remote set-url –add gituser@githost:user/project.git For example: git remote set-url --add [email protected]:tatung/m2-midterm-draft.git ##3. Set non-default port for git For Mac or Linux, edit file ~/.ssh/config (can create a new one if not exists) Host

Mixyll in Action

See what the different elements looks like. Your markdown has never looked better. I promise.