[How To] Change Amazon Drive synchronization folder on Mac

Owning a Amazon Prime gives you the perk of unlimitedly storing your photos on Amazon Drive. It also comes with a desktop client for automatically syncing your photos to your cloud folder. However, one of the most irritated thing with this client is that, you cannot set the syncing folder to your external hard drive. It is possible to set it to a different partition as long as it is in your internal hard drive (Happy to get notification from Mac saying that you are running out of storage – thanks to your huge amount of photos synced from Amazon Drive). Well, there is a solution for this on Mac (it seems that there is a solution for Windows by editing registry).

  • Install the Amazon Drive client as usual. When it asks you to sync from your cloud to your local, just choose skip (or later).
  • Turn off Amazon Drive client (the cloud icon on the notification bar)
  • Plug your external hard drive in
  • In your Finder, go to:
    /Users/USER_NAME/Library/Application Support/Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Open file amzn1.account.#########-settings.json with your text editor, you will see somethings like this:
    "DeviceSourceId": "################",
    "SyncPath": "/Path/To/Your/Sync/Directory"
  • Just change the value of SyncPath to your prefered external hard drive. It should be somethings like
    "SyncPath": "/Volumes/ExternalDrive/Amazon Drive"
  • Start Amazon Drive client, it will ask you the location of sync folder, just click Next and the client will sync your cloud folder to your external hard drive



17 thoughts on “[How To] Change Amazon Drive synchronization folder on Mac

  1. Thanks for posting. I edited the .json file as described, but the file rewrites itself whenever I start Amazon Drive and the Drive folder gets placed in my user folder. Anything you might suggest?

  2. I followed each step and when I got to the last one, it just showed the default path instead of my external path. I even tried editing the json file and locked it, but it still created the Amazon Drive folder in the default path, very weird.

  3. Excellent! You just addressed my biggest complaint with Amazon Drive.

    Now if there was just a way to upload BOTH your internal hard drive and external drives.

  4. I want sync whole drive. So I’m changing “SyncPath”: “/Volumes/Data”
    But then I start Amazon drive software it ask me to select SyncPath again
    How to sync whole drive via Amazon drive?

  5. This doesn’t seem to work any longer.

    Changing the folder location in the json file, and even locking the file from further changes, doesn’t seem to be kept or even honored when restarting the app.

    There’s quite a few posts in the Amazon Cloud Drive forum about how annoying the forced location method is.

  6. It does not work for me. After I change the location, it will force to change it again and it overwrites the file. Any suggestions

  7. Hey.. I stumbled across this trying to find the answer to this exact thing! So thanks!

    I’m having issues getting it to work though. I installed Amazon Drive, didn’t change the install location, and then exited out.

    I then went into the. json file and changed my path to my external drive (that I got from using Terminal, command Mount). ((For me is “SyncPath”: “/Volumes/FebBackup/Media“ Media being the folder I want synced.

    I saved the .json file and reopened Drive.. and it asked again if I wanted to have the path be the default one. I just hit continue.. and the Amazon Drive folder appears on my internal hard drive in the default location.

    Rechecking the .json file.. and my changes are still there! So Im not sure what gives! Do you have any ideas?

  8. Did exactly this, but when I restart the app, it overwrites it again, even if I just click “Next” when it asks for the location of the folder.

  9. Amazon must have figured this hack out and are preventing it now. Not sure why they are so hell bent on keeping us from syncing external drives!

  10. I assume that works but trying to not have to create a new folder on my external HD, I want it to point to the entire drive.

  11. Nice Article! Amazon Cloud Drive is the only cloud service which has TRUE unlimited storage. For $60 a year that is an enormous bargain. but they’re no longer offering unlimited storage. Its’ Now 1 Tb Space, no ftp upload and direct access to files. Also many sync problems in software.

    What about speed of downloading files from amazon cloud drive. I have a very bad experience.

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